Residence rules

These rules are binding for all guests of the hostel

1 General Information

    The doors of the Hostel are open to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    Estimated time 13.00-11.00
    Check in time is 13.00.
    Check out time is 11.00.
    It is forbidden to leave your things after 11.00 on an unpaid place!
    In the case of arrival from 5.00 to 13.00, subject to availability, 50% of the cost of the day is paid. Check out time is 11.00. In cases of departure from 11.00 to 22.00, if there are vacant seats, 50% of the cost of the day is paid. Prolongation of residence is possible only if there are vacant seats.
    The days of accommodation in the hostel are calculated from 13:00 to 11:00 the next day (regardless of the time of arrival).
    Early check-in (subject to availability): You can check into the room earlier by using the "Early check-in" service. Children under 3 years old stay for free without extra bed.
    If during your stay at the hotel you decide to shorten the period of your stay, then this should be reported to the administrator at least a day before the proposed departure. If the order of early departure from the hotel is not complied with, a penalty is charged in the amount of the cost of one night stay. Check-in at the hostel without these documents is IMPOSSIBLE!
    All comments and suggestions can be left in the "Book of Reviews and Suggestions", which is located at the reception.
    The administration has the right to evict at any time without returning the payment for accommodation (for the current and next day).
    The administration of the hostel is not responsible for the safety of personal belongings left unattended. In the performance of damage to property from the resident, a sum of money is collected in accordance with the amount prescribed in the property inventory.
    There is a CCTV system on the territory of the Hostel.
        Please take note of the fact of using video cameras in common areas (except for showers / toilets, rooms).

2 Payment and registration.

    Arrival at the Hostel is possible only if there is an identity document (passport, driver's license, military ticket).
    The guest must make a payment and fill out the "Guest form", the guest agrees with the rules of payment and accommodation at the Hostel.

3 Eviction

    Eviction is made after the delivery of a bed and check by the administrator of the presence of all items issued upon check-in. If the Guest is deemed evicted, the service of storing his personal belongings on the territory of the hostel is not provided.
    After 3 days, the Administration has the right to utilize left, as well as forgotten personal belongings of guests who do not reside on the hostel.
    The rules of accommodation in the Hostel are located at the reception desk.
    When leaving the hostel, the guest is obliged to return the key, bed linen and towels in the proper form. For the loss of the key from the locker, the penalty is 100 UAH.

We reserve the right to refuse and not to explain the reason for refusal to extend the stay to a guest who:

1) does not have a document with him, which confirms his identity;

2) in a state of intoxication or inadequately behaving;

3) interferes with the comfortable stay at the Hostel for other guests;

4) does not agree with the rules of our institution.

4 General rules:

    Cleaning in common areas and rooms is done every day.
    Change of bed linen every fifth day for one customer.
    Cleaning in six rooms and VIP rooms is done on request.
    For damage to the property of the Hostel, a fine is imposed in the amount established by the administration of the Hostel. If at you something has broken, do not hurry to be engaged in repair independently, inform on it to the manager. All comments and suggestions can be left in the "Book of Reviews and Suggestions", which is located at the reception.
    The guest is liable for the damage caused according to the current price.

5 Resident must:

To keep cleanliness, silence and public order;
    Wash and clean the dishes, cutlery, food;
    When leaving the hostel, turn off the electrical appliances that belong to him;
    Observe fire safety regulations;
    Reimburse the damage in case of loss, damage or damage to the property of the hostel
    Respect your roommates
    To observe the silence from 23:00 to 7:00.
    The bed must be laid.
    You can not leave a mess on the bed, dirty dishes, litter.
    It is necessary to clean up the products of vital activity, shoes with an untidy look and an unpleasant smell.
    It is necessary to observe hygiene, to wash personal things to eliminate odors.
    It is forbidden to invite people who do not live in the hostel to the hostel.
    Order in the kitchen guests of the hostel provide their own.
    Do not leave knives, forks, spoons, plates, saucers, cutting boards, bags or other packaging on the table after use.
    We ask you to clean the food with you.
    Meals and drinks are only allowed in the kitchen and dining room.
    To warm up food in a microwave oven, you should use ceramic or plastic utensils. The food container should be covered with a ceramic or plastic cover to prevent spilling, splashing and other food ingress on the inside of the microwave oven. If particles, droplets and other food fragments are introduced, remove them until the next microwave oven is turned on, even if you personally do not intend to use it.

6 The hostel does not allow:

    Violate public order,
    To show aggression or disrespect to others;
    Use: alcohol, narcotic substances, store narcotic, explosive, chemical, radioactive or flammable substances;
    Bring guests who do not live in the hostel.
    Disturb the rest of the guests.
    Smoke on the territory of the Hostel, except for special places. Smoking in the premises is subject to a penalty set by the Administration.
    Use your own electric heaters.

In case of violation of the silence after 23:00, obscene behavior, violations of the rules and norms of living in the hostel, the resident may be subjected to measures up to administrative influence and eviction without compensation for payment for accommodation.

7 Cancellation terms:

    A refund of 90% of the cost of the reservation if the cancellation of the reservation is made more than 10 days before the arrival date;
    50% refund of the cost of the reservation if the cancellation of the reservation is made from 10 to 3 days before the estimated date of arrival;
    The prepayment is not refundable if the reservation is canceled in less than 3 days.

8 Reservation

    Booking is done for FREE.
    You can book with the help of the on-line booking form (in development) by sending an e-mail request or by calling the reservation department: (24 hours) +38 (63) 484-16-16, +38 (095) 484-16-16 , +38 (096) 484-16-16
    Booking is guaranteed if you made a prepayment within 3 days.
    In case of non-guaranteed reservation - that is, booking without making an advance payment, if you do not come to the hotel from 13 to 18-00 without notice of late arrival, the booking is automatically canceled.
    Prepayment - 100% of the cost of the first night in the hostel. This money is taken into account in the final payment for the hostel services. If there is less than 3 days left before the date of the expected arrival, you do not need to make an advance payment, but in case of cancellation, it must be canceled.

9 Possible forms of payment:

    Bank transfer,
    Payment by credit card.

10 Cost of living

    The cost of living is established by the Hostel Board
    At the same time, you can use only one promotional offer

10.1 Services included in the price of accommodation

During the stay the guest has the right to use the following services included in the price:

   - kitchen equipment, dishes, electric kettle, microwave oven.

   - shower - the recommended time for taking a shower is not more than --- 15 minutes.,

   - toilet, toilet paper.

   - a set of bed linen, a towel.

   - unlimited Wi-Fi Internet and TV.

10.2 Additional paid services

In the Hostel you can get additional paid services:

    Lokers (individual cells) in the corridor.
    In case of detection of loss of personal belongings on the territory of the Hostel, immediately notify the administrator of the Hostel of the incident for taking the necessary measures.
     Washing machine, hair dryer, iron, soap, other personal care products;
    Change of linen on request.
    Breakfast, tea, coffee, sandwiches, other food.
    Order of excursions, translators.
    To buy souvenirs, other goods.

For information on the full list of services, contact the administrator.